Battery Replacement or Electrical System Repairs in Yakima, WA

Let's face it: you can have the most meticulously maintained vehicle on the road, but it won't start without the right battery – properly installed and appropriately fitted – for your driving needs. From ignition to door locks, your car battery allows you to get from point "A" to point "B."

The following is a brief overview of the electrical system that makes transportation possible:

  • Battery

    Composed of a series of lead plates submerged in a 35% sulfuric acid/65% water solution, your 12-volt battery houses a chemical reaction that releases electrons through conductors, producing electricity which is then channeled into your vehicle's electrical system. The battery supplies electricity to all of the electrical system components, including the essential power required to start your vehicle. In periods of high demand, the battery also supplements power from the charging system.

  • Charging System

    The charging system is the life force of your vehicle's electrical system, consisting of three main mechanisms: the alternator, various circuits, and the voltage regulator. The alternator:

    • Provides power to the electrical system, and
    • Recharges the battery when the car is running.

    The circuits act as conduits for electrical power. The voltage regulator controls the voltage passed through the circuits. Remember, all of these components require consistent attention and maintenance. It's not just your battery that needs to be replaced; if any components fail, your power source is reduced to a lifeless, twenty pound paper weight.

  • Starting System

    It may seem obvious that the starting system turns your vehicle's engine on, but did you know that this process consumes more electrical power than anything else your car does? The starting system consists of three components working one after another. These components include: the ignition switch, the starter relay (or solenoid), and the starter motor.

    Here's how it works:

    Turning the ignition causes a small amount of current to pass through the starter relay, causing a stronger current to flow through the battery cables and into the starter motor. The starter motor cranks the engine, forcing the piston to create enough suction that draws a fuel and air mixture into the cylinder. The ignition system creates a spark that ignites the mixture and your engine starts.

When you have a dead battery or encounter problems with electronic accessories, RJ’s Tire Pros & Auto Experts has you covered. We offer fast, affordable battery and electrical system evaluations. Contact our auto repair shop to schedule service today.

RJ’s Knows Car and Truck Electrical Systems Inside and Out

Don’t get stranded with a vehicle that won’t start. Ensure your car or truck’s batteries and electrical system are in peak condition. Fill out our online contact form to schedule a battery and electrical system check or get a service quote for your Yakima, Union Gap, Selah, Naches, Gleed, West Valley, or East Valley automobile today.

How Your Car’s Electrical System Works

Your car’s electrical system is an interdependent network that includes:

The battery

Your car battery stores the energy needed to power the starter and accessories. It’s key to getting your engine up and running. It also supplements the charging system in periods of high demand.

Charging system

Your vehicle’s charging system keeps your battery charged when the car is running, ensuring it has the energy needed to power the starter and accessories. It is your vehicle’s life force, without which your battery would cease to function.

Starting system

The starting system gets your engine going. It begins when you turn the ignition switch. The starter relay then completes the circuit, boosting battery current to the starter motor, which turns over the engine. This process consumes more electrical energy than any other car function.

Professional Diagnosis of Car Battery and Electrical Problems

If any component in your car’s electrical system fails, it will not start or run correctly. Fortunately, the ASE certified technicians at our auto repair shop know how to track down battery and electrical system issues on vehicles of all ages, makes, and models. Our specialized diagnostic equipment ensures we rapidly identify problems so you can get your car repaired and back on the road.

Fast Repair of Common Auto Battery and Electrical System Problems

We offer a variety of vehicle maintenance services to keep your ride in peak condition, including:

Signs Your Vehicle has Electrical Problems

We recommend scheduling a vehicle inspection when you notice these symptoms in your car or truck:

  • Car battery replacement
  • Battery cable, terminal, and case maintenance
  • Alternator replacement
  • Starter, starter solenoid, and ignition switch replacement
  • Drive belt or chain replacement
  • Electrical system and accessory malfunction diagnostics
  • Dashboard battery warning light
  • Car won’t start with grinding, clicking, or no sound
  • Frequent stalling
  • Dimming or nonworking dash and headlights
  • Windows, wipers, and other accessories operate sluggishly
  • Feedback on your radio
  • Corroded battery cables or connections
  • Frequently blown fuses
  • Burning odors

Contact us for battery replacement or electrical system repairs.

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