Today’s fuel injection systems offer precision operation and require far less maintenance than carburetors but still need routine service. Ensure your car has the proper ratio of fuel to run at peak performance with regular fuel injection service in Yakima from RJ’s Tire Pros & Auto Experts. Our experienced auto mechanics provide fast, affordable fuel system maintenance at a lower price than area dealerships.

Ensure a Smooth Ride with Regular Fuel Injection Service

Your fuel injection system supplies your car with the ideal gas mixture to run smoothly. With regular use, key components can become dirty, impacting vehicle performance. Periodic fuel system maintenance at our Yakima car service center protects your car against the effects of buildup that can impede fuel flow and cause engine damage over time. Keeping up with this simple, essential car maintenance offers significant benefits, ensuring a smooth ride, preventing roadside breakdowns, reducing gas consumption, and safeguarding vehicle lifespan and warranty.

Signs You Need Fuel System Service

These symptoms indicate you need prompt fuel injection maintenance from your local Yakima Valley mechanic:

Vehicle won’t start

A bad fuel injector that fails to deliver the proper amount of gas can prevent your car from starting.

Rough ride

Dirty fuel injectors can cause engine vibration while driving and rough idling at a stop.

Lack of power when accelerating

When the engine cannot get enough fuel, it will misfire and struggle to accelerate or stall.

Sudden reduction in gas mileage

If your engine does not receive enough fuel, it will signal for more, causing excessive consumption.  

Check engine light

Plugging your car into a scanner can quickly verify when a check engine light is due to fuel injector maintenance issues.

When to Get Fuel Injection Service

Our knowledgeable Yakima automotive service technicians recommend fuel injection service every three years or 25-45,000 miles or when your car shows signs of fuel system issues. However, because this varies by manufacturer, we recommend checking your owner’s manual to verify your vehicle make and model’s precise service requirements.

What’s Included with a Fuel Injection Service?

Fuel injection service at our Yakima auto repair center includes:

  • Cleaning fuel injectors, throttle body, and air passages
  • Fuel rail and injector screen flush
  • Fuel filter check
  • Inspection of fuel injection system connections and vacuum lines
  • Fuel pump pressure regulator test and volume evaluation
  • Exhaust emissions tests via scanner to verify proper air/fuel mixture

Professional Fuel Injection Service

Our friendly, courteous, professional, ASE-certified technicians make taking your car in for routine maintenance a breeze. You can count on the trustworthy team at our locally owned and operated auto service center for accurate assessments and reliable fuel system maintenance and repairs. Our full-service car repair shop can handle all your vehicle maintenance needs.

Schedule a Fuel System Service

Reduce gas usage and ensure smooth, reliable operation with fuel injection service in Yakima from RJ’s Tire Pros & Auto Experts. We serve commercial and personal customers throughout Yakima, Selah, Naches, Union Gap, West Valley, and East Valley. Contact us at 509-453-8170 to schedule an appointment today.

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