How Often Should You Get Your Car Inspected?

Regular inspections are a must no matter what vehicle you drive, reducing the likelihood of inconvenient breakdowns and ensuring roadway safety. But how often should you get your car inspected? Most automobiles run well with a vehicle inspection once a year or every 10-20,000 miles. However, individual situations vary. Our auto mechanics recommend adjusting vehicle inspection frequency based on the following factors to safeguard your car's performance and value and catch problems before they turn into more costly repairs.

Schedule Vehicle Inspections for Older Cars More Frequently

Age is a primary factor when considering a preventative maintenance schedule. Our car service team suggests an inspection with each oil change for older cars since older vehicles have undergone more wear and tear than newer models.

Review Manufacturer Recommendations for Preventative Maintenance

Each vehicle make and model has different maintenance requirements, which may be mileage or time-based. Thoroughly reviewing your car's owner's manual ensures you get all essential preventative and scheduled maintenance services on your calendar.

Adjust Auto Maintenance Needs Based on Your Driving Habits

Car components will wear out quicker if you drive aggressively or frequently operate your vehicle in stop-and-go traffic, rough road conditions, or extreme weather. Planning more frequent auto inspections is in your best interest in these situations.

Consider Seasonal Stress

Stifling heat and frigid winter temperatures are tough on vehicles and can quickly worsen existing issues. Investing in a vehicle inspection in the spring and fall offers the best insurance against inconvenient breakdowns and the need for roadside repairs.

Don’t Wait on Scheduling a Car Inspection When Something is “Off”

If something doesn't feel right when driving your car or truck, don't wait on maintenance. Give yourself peace of mind and keep repair costs from snowballing. Take your vehicle to our local auto repair shop for a bumper-to-bumper check at the first sign of problems. Our skilled mechanics will perform a thorough visual and diagnostic evaluation, tracking down potential issues and restoring your vehicle to normal operating condition.

Get Fast, Affordable Vehicle Inspections at RJ’s

If you don't know how often you should get your car inspected, you're probably past due for a preventative auto maintenance visit. Ensure trouble-free travels and enjoy the ride in Yakima, Union Gap, Selah, Naches, Gleed, West Valley, and East Valley with help from RJ’s Tire Pros & Auto Experts. Contact us at 509-453-8170 or schedule an online appointment for a vehicle inspection today.  

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