Transmission Service

If your vehicle struggles to get up to speed, shifts roughly or makes strange noises, you need transmission service fast. RJ’s Tire Pros & Auto Experts offers affordable automatic and manual transmission maintenance and repair for cars and light trucks. We’ve got you covered, from routine transmission fluid flushing to transmission repair and rebuilding. Contact us to schedule service today.


Avoid Transmission Repairs with Regular Maintenance

Routine transmission maintenance ensures a smooth ride, reduces repair costs, and extends vehicle life. Like engine oil, your transmission fluid requires regular changing. Transmission fluid keeps gears, which deliver power from the engine to the wheels, lubricated and cool. Over time and with hard use, transmission fluid overheats and breaks down, reducing lubrication performance. Scheduling regular transmission maintenance at our Yakima auto repair shop ensures proper function, uncovering potential issues before they progress to more costly transmission repairs, transmission rebuilding, or transmission replacement.  

Signs You Need Transmission Service

Take your vehicle to our local car service center as soon as possible if you notice these signs of transmission problems:

  • Transmission or check engine warning light
  • Rough or delayed shifting
  • Whining or gurgling noises when shifting gears
  • Grinding or roaring sounds with acceleration
  • Fluid puddling beneath the vehicle

How Often Should You Have Your Transmission Serviced?

Our ASE-certified auto mechanics recommend scheduling transmission service based on manufacturer recommendations in your car’s service manual. Keep in mind, however, transmission service frequency depends on driving conditions. Stop-and-go driving, hard acceleration, and towing will speed transmission fluid deterioration. Under these conditions, we suggest more frequent service to prevent the need for transmission repair, rebuilding, and replacement. Transmission fluid is manufacturer-specific, so be sure to schedule service at a trusted auto repair and maintenance shop.

ASE Certified Transmission Services

Our trained auto mechanics are knowledgeable in the intricacies of today’s transmission systems, including complicated mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and computer components and how they work together to power your vehicle. We have the equipment and skills to perform transmission rebuilds, repair, and replacement. Our full-service car repair shop services all transmission models and configurations, including manual and automatic, front-wheel-drive (FWD), rear-wheel-drive (RWD), all-wheel-drive (AWD), continuously variable transmissions (CVT), and 4x4s. 

Keep your vehicle on the road with regular transmission service at RJ’s Tire Pros & Auto Experts. Fill out our online contact to get a quote on transmission service or repair for your Yakima, Union Gap, Selah, Naches, Gleed, West Valley, or East Valley vehicle today.

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