Truck Inspection in Yakima

Avoid unexpected breakdowns and inflated repair costs with a truck inspection in Yakima from RJ’s Tire Pros & Auto Experts. We service residential and commercial customers throughout Yakima Valley, providing friendly, affordable truck repair and maintenance at our locally owned auto service center.

When Should You Get a Truck Inspection?

Regular vehicle inspections every couple of years ensure performance and safety. Our Yakima truck maintenance team also recommends an inspection when:

  • Buying, inheriting, or selling a truck
  • Before taking a long trip
  • After taking your truck out of storage
  • Experiencing operational issues
  • Manufacturer-recommended scheduled maintenance

RJ’s Provides Thorough Truck Inspections

Our experienced, ASE-certified truck technicians will inspect your vehicle from bumper to bumper, including:

  • Safety equipment

Our detail-oriented team will ensure your airbags, seatbelts, and horn are in good working order.

A clear, unobstructed view prevents accidents.

  • Lighting

Well-functioning brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights keep you and your fellow drivers safe.

Your auto heat and air provide more than comfort, keeping windows clear in changing weather.

  • Air and cabin filters

Clean air is essential for you – and your engine.

Adequate oil, coolant, brake, power steering, transmission, and washer fluid levels are essential to safe, lasting vehicle performance.

Proper tire pressure, alignment, and even tread wear ensures traction and handling while extending tire lifespan.

  • Belts and hoses

Identify and eliminate annoying squeaks and leaks with help from our team.

Avoid parking lot repair or towing bills with a battery check.

Ensure stopping power, addressing vibrations and poor performance with a brake system inspection.

Ride comfort and traction control depend on a responsive steering and suspension system.

Avoid smelly and dangerous leaks with an exhaust and fuel system service.

We provide minor and major service and repair for engines and manual and standard transmission systems.

If we find any existing or potential issues during a truck inspection, our friendly technicians will discuss them with you and service your vehicle at our Yakima truck repair shop. We offer fast, competitively priced repairs and maintenance to get you back on the road quickly.

Schedule a Truck Inspection in Yakima Today

Ensure safe travels with no unwelcome surprises. Schedule a professional truck inspection in Yakima, Selah, Naches, Union Gap, West Valley, or East Valley at RJ’s Tire Pros & Auto Experts. Contact us at 509-453-8170 today.


Yakima is an agricultural leader, producing much of the nation’s hops, wine grapes, apples, and other fruits. The region’s scenic, rural atmosphere and low cost of living draw residents and businesses. RJ’s Tire Pros & Auto Experts is proud to keep Yakima Valley in motion, providing fast, affordable personal and commercial truck inspections and service.

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